The Mill

The stone grinding.

Molino Conti is an important reality since several generations of Conti’s family. Tradition, passion and quality are the ingredients which we put in all our products, adding the seriousness of poeple who has chosen to carry on the family activity.
Our experience, reached and gained through the years, is the guarantee to assure the best quality to our customers.

To enhance further on our products, we have chosen organic method, both in raw materials and in working process. We only use organic cereals grown in Italy and coming from certified organic farming.

We utilize a stone mill dating back to the early 1900s to produce our wholemeal flours, which preserves the nutritional properties contained in wheat germ, while maintaining its organoleptic features unaltered. That’s because the stone wheels, with their rotation, break up the grain and preserve the germ. The miller craftsmanship guarantees the right milling and the right and fine grain size.

For the other flours, we use a small mill from the mid-1900s. In this mill there are several opposing rollers that break and crush the wheat grains thanks to their high speed rotation.

The Pasta Factory

Organic pasta, fresh egg pasta and the gluten-free line.

The Molino Conti pasta is produced with artisan care using our own flours, thus creating a closed supply chain to guarantee greater quality, more control of the product and of the raw materials used, from the harvest in the fields to the table tasting.

The bronze drawning makes our organic pasta porous and wrinkled, perfect for sauces. It is slowly dried at least 20 hours at low temperature, to preserve its flavour and taste, respecting our tradition. We produce different shapes of pasta, the short ones, such as rigatoni and fusilli, and the long ones, such as tagliatelle and pappardelle, handmade nested with artisanal care. At the same time, the pasta is packaged and labeled with materials and procedures that guarantee its integrity and freshness.

Fresh egg pasta is our speciality. It is produced using our flours and with 30% of fresh eggs from free-range farms, choosing here too from short shapes, such as “paccheri” and “maltagliati”, and long shapes, such as “tonnarelli” or classic “fettuccine''. Thanks to a special processing of the pastry sheet, which remind our tradition, we are able to give it that irregular and wrinkled appearance typical of the pastry sheet handmade by grandmother, providing the palate with the taste of the past.

Finally, we have a laboratory dedicated to the production of organic gluten-free pasta, for which we use certified organic italian flours. Our pasta is specifically formulated for celiacs and is inserted in the National Register of gluten-free foods of the Ministry of Health as a dispensable product by the SSN.

Molino Conti produces flours and pasta under contracts and for private labels, with the same care and attention that we dedicate to our products, customizing the product according to your requests. Contact us for your questions.


Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan.


certificazione ICEA

Organic farming is a production system that respects human health and the environment in all its different phases, avoiding the use of synthetic chemical products and genetically modified organism, in order to preserve and improve soil’s characteristics and respect for life forms and biodiversity: the use of pesticides, herbiced, fungicides and synthetic insecticides is banned, replacing them with natural fertilizers. We use only organic cereals grown in Italy and coming from certified organic farming.

Where we are

Visit us and rediscover tradition.

Molino Conti srl
Via della Libertà, 90D/E
00024 Castel Madama (Roma)
C.F. / P.IVA: 10929201001

  • +39 0774 448282
  • +39 0774 448282

Public Opening Hours
Mon - Sat: 8.30-13.00

We are located in Castel Madama, a few minutes from Rome and the motorway. Just take the same exit and going up to town. We have set up a proper space inside our headquarters where you can buy our products. You can find us at our points of sale too our points of sale.

For school groups, tourists or those who are simply interested to closely observe how wheat is transformed into flour, or how pasta is produced, Molino Conti will be happy to welcome you and organize interesting guided tours to show you the stone grinding, our pride. Contact us for your questions.