Molino and Artisan Pasta Factory

From the stone grinding of organic cereals grown in Italy, we produce wholemeal flours and bronze-drawn artisanal pasta, even gluten-free, thus creating a 100% Italian closed supply chain.



Ideal for preparing bread, pizza, focaccia, pasta and bakery products. Our flours are produced only from high quality cereals grown in Italy and stone ground, to preserve their nutritional properties, while maintaining its organoleptic features unaltered.

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pasta biologica

Organic Pasta

Our organic pasta is produced with artisan care using our own flours. The bronze drawning makes our pasta porous and wrinkled, perfect for sauces. It is dried slowly, at least 20 hours at low temperature, to fully preserve its flavour and taste, respecting our tradition.

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pasta senza glutine

Gluten-Free Organic Pasta

The true taste of pasta without sacrificing health. It is bronze drawn and slowly dried for at least 20 hours at low temperature. Our pasta, naturally gluten-free, is specifically formulated for celiacs and is inserted in the National Register of gluten-free foods of the Italian Ministry of Health

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pasta fresca

Egg Pasta

Through a special processing of the pastry sheet, which reminds our tradition, we are able to give it the irregular and wrinkled appearance, typical of the pastry sheet handmade by grandmother, providing the palate with the taste of the past.

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Certified Quality

We use only organic cereals grown in Italy and coming from certified organic farming.
Our company is certified by ICEA, a production system that respects human health and the environment...

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